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SHIELD is the chosen stats and analytics tool used by global brands and influencers to document and strengthen their presence on LinkedIn.

Understand what works and what doesn’t in a matter of minutes. Focus on creating content, engaging with people and building your brand while SHIELD works in the background collecting data to provide key growth insights.

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"SHIELD is a daily routine for me. It allows me to not only tweak my content but use the metrics to understand my ROI.

If you use Linkedin to generate leads and channel partners, you need to know your metrics. This is the tool that gives you data unavailable on any other app. I can't live without it."

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Mary HendersonPersonal Branding & Social Selling Specialist

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

SHIELD automatically collects, visualizes and stores content, profile and network statistics - historically, over time, and in real-time.  Just connect your data and SHIELD visualizes your most important metrics. Unlock key activity insights and improve consistently.

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See how your content performs and if you are improving.

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Get more attention, views and quality engagements from understanding your current LinkedIn activities.

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What you do on LinkedIn matters. Learn what is happening and start getting business results from LinkedIn by joining SHIELD today.

For companies β€” Finally, a complete overview of your LinkedIn activities βœ…

SHIELD provides a complete overview of all employees (or clients) and their LinkedIn activities, including individual content performance.

With lightning speed you will be able to understand how people are performing, what they publish, when and how it performs.

SHIELD is referred to as a superpower for companies with initiatives on LinkedIn πŸ’ͺ

Rolled out across global brands

"SHIELD take the guesswork out of consistent, earned media brand building for BCG at scale."

Christian Daugaard, Nordic Social Media Lead, Boston Consulting Group

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