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Posted on by Andreas Jonsson

The Road to LinkedIn Success is through Engagement

It’s no secret, that LinkedIn is the leading social platform for professionals worldwide. But with all these user profiles, company profiles, digital traffic, and ads, one question continuously remains – why aren’t more companies and users posting content on LinkedIn?  The answers to this question might be several, such as, that we for instance as

Posted on by Andreas Jonsson

Get Started with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for professionals worldwide1. With its over 660+ million users globally, LinkedIn is the most efficient way for you or your company to strengthen your professional profile. Yet only 48% of those users are active, under 10 percent of users post and engage in content, and only 1 million

Posted on by Andreas Jonsson

LinkedIn Analytics x SHIELD Analytics

LinkedIn provides the biggest professional social media platform in the world. It provides a unique space where businesses, recruiters, marketers and more, can market not only themselves but also their brand or company. With over 660+ million users, it comes as a surprise to many, that only 3 million LinkedIn users share content on a

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