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Posted on by Andreas Jonsson

4 Marketing Questions about LinkedIn

What separates LinkedIn from other social media platforms? LinkedIn is the top social media platform for professionals. It provides a unique space where businesses, recruiters, marketers, and others, can market not only themselves but also their brand, company, products, and services. Three factors specifically differentiate LinkedIn from other platforms: LinkedIn as the right environment, right

Posted on by Andreas Jonsson

5 Focus Areas to Organic Growth

Organic growth is the most desired aspect when building a business from the ground up. Yet, the methods on how to actually achieve organic growth are not as common as one might think. With that in mind, here are 5 focus areas to grow your business organically. Research your ideal/target client When asked who their

Posted on by Andreas Jonsson

Digital Content - Are You Doing it Right?

In the age of digital marketing, trends are changing constantly. How to successfully distribute your digital content is certainly not obvious.  Here are the 6 top things to be aware of, when it comes to distributing your digital content. 1. Keep things simple and consistent Keeping your content manageable for users is of the utmost importance.