Find Your Top Performing LinkedIn Posts Using SHIELD Analytics 🏆

Use SHIELD Analytics to identify your top performing LinkedIn posts over time to understand where to double down. And what not to do.

Learning what resonates with your audience is key to understanding how to grow your audience. And not only grow it, but grow it with the right kind of people.

  1. Log in to SHIELD (or sign up)
  2. Go to the Content Overview section
  3. Select a pre-defined or custom date period to analyze.

Go to the Content Overview:

SHIELD Analytics: Content Overview ⇨ Custom date period

Go to the Views column and click to sort by ascending/descending order:

SHIELD Analytics: Content Overview ⇨ Sort by Views

Identifying which of your posts perform the best across various social metrics such as views and engagement allows you to understand what works.

It also enables you to start identifying patterns across your content. Like which of your content types people engage with the most, the least, and where you pick up the engagement you would want.

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