SHIELD Weekly Highlights #1

Hello Shielders 👋

2020 is officially underway, and with that, a new decade has begun. Therefore, we have decided to try and do things a little different here at SHIELD – introducing SHIELD Weekly Highlights.

Starting today, we are going to highlight some of our users that truly exemplify the epitome of bringing value – Therefore SHIELD Weekly Highlights.

We have handpicked 3 individual posts from the last week, that we feel are not only extraordinary but also deserve to be read by anyone using LinkedIn actively.

Justin Welsh

Starting this rundown, we’ve picked Justin Welsh and his article: A Guide to LinkedIn Personal Branding in 2020.

In this super informative, no-nonsense article, Justin breaks down what he feels should be your main priorities when dealing with personal branding on LinkedIn in 2020.

Justin describes the importance of personal branding in his own career and building a better work-life balance.

Additionally, he divides the guide to personal branding into 4 parts – the foundation, the look, the tribe, and the content.

Furthermore, Justin offers up his free ebook The Daily Post, to help build your presence on LinkedIn and create content consistently.

We highly encourage you to give Justin’s article a read!

Chris Walker

We have also picked Chris Walker and his post relating to your character traits in real life, being part of your personal brand.

Should you desire to read the post on Linkedin, it is available here: Chris Walker – There’s a lot more to your “personal brand” (aka your reputation) than what you post on LinkedIn…

Chris stresses that there is more to your personal brand than just your LinkedIn profile and the persona that is available online.

Chris argues that even though your LinkedIn brand might open the doors to new customers, your character as a person ultimately matters just as much.

He urges you to make sure that you (the person) behind your personal brand is real and authentic.

Please make sure that you give Chris’s post a read and a like!

Mark Gaisford

Lastly, we have picked Mark Gaisford and his post about the less flattering sides of the marketing world.

Should you desire to read the post on Linkedin, it is available here: Mark Gaisford – Life isn’t what you see on Instagram and business isn’t what you see on LinkedIn…

Mark stresses that we live in a time where presentation is everything and that we have a tendency to only portray the good and “camera-worthy” sides to our professional lives.

Mark urges vulnerability and describes his own struggles with professional issues in a heartfelt post and similarly empathetic video.

We urge you to give Mark’s post a read, look, and like!

This Week’s Key Takeaways 🎯

👉LinkedIn is the perfect place to expand your personal brand – take advantage!

👉The two most important aspects of building a personal brand are consistency & patience.

👉Be authentic!

👉Don’t just portray the “camera-worthy” sides to your professional life. The struggle and the grind are important parts of the process.

That’s it for now everybody. Keep creating amazing content and maybe you too will end up on our little highlight reel 😌

The SHIELD team