What Everybody ought to Know about LinkedIn (Part 1)

LinkedIn and the possibilities associated with the platform are hardly a secret anymore. But the knowledge about LinkedIn, and how to successfully use the business platform are not always as straightforward. You can familiarize yourself with the many possibilities of LinkedIn by reading this piece here: Get Started with LinkedIn

Yet, many don’t use the full scope of opportunities that the platform provides. Therefore, we provide you with a list of some basic facts about LinkedIn, that everybody ought to be aware of.

Content Creation

Creating content for the LinkedIn platform is arguably the most underused aspect of the LinkedIn experience. LinkedIn provides a platform with over 660 million users. Relatively few, in comparison, produce and engage with content on LinkedIn. Only around 1%. Creating content, and engaging with others, open up your opportunities for increased reach and awareness. Additionally, it gives your audience a chance to engage with you on a personal basis, exchange ideas, or just offer their two cents on a certain topic.

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The Most Trusted Business Platform

Social media is normally not a place where validity and research are among the most important aspects. Again, LinkedIn is different. LinkedIn is continuously voted as the most trusted social platform by Business Insider1. This indicates that the content which is being posted on the platform is not only relevant but also keeps in tone with the overall professional environment of LinkedIn, where professionals come to be inspired and do business.

More than a Digital Resume

First of all, LinkedIn is much more than just your personal digital resume. Even though LinkedIn very much works as a resume – mapping out your education, job experience, and skills, the full scope of opportunities is much more extensive. Give your LinkedIn profile life by engaging with content from others and start producing content of your own. This opens a whole new aspect of the LinkedIn experience that goes far beyond a static digital resume.

Knowledge about the use of LinkedIn is far from a secret, but actually using it to your advantage is far less prevalent. Start your own LinkedIn journey now!


1: https://www.businessinsider.com/linkedin-pinterest-instagram-top-spots-2019-digital-trust-report-facebook-stays-last?r=US&IR=T

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