5 Focus Areas to Organic Growth

Organic growth is the most desired aspect when building a business from the ground up. Yet, the methods on how to actually achieve organic growth are not as common as one might think. With that in mind, here are 5 focus areas to grow your business organically.

Research your ideal/target client

When asked who their ideal target client is, very few give a straight answer. Usually, they give you a vague description with little to no specific details. Instead, conduct research on your ideal target group, and you will not only grow faster but also become more profitable. Researching your target group enables you to better focus on your marketing strategy, based on your clients’ needs and preferences. Once you have established your clients’ preferences, you’re then able to provide high service solutions and produce a more tailored marketing plan.

Focus on a well-defined niche

What sets your product apart from every other product on the market? Which factors specifically, make your product vital for companies and clients? Make sure that your product or service fills a void, and hereby, provides value for its users. Your product must provide something that is impossible to obtain using any other service or product. This is of the utmost importance. Make your clients addicted to your services. Create new habits and solve problems that make them unable to do their job without your service/product.

Develop a strong differentiator

Closely related to a well-defined niche is a built-in differentiator. What sets your company apart from any other company on the market? The differentiator works as a feature, or benefit, that sets you apart from your competition. A high-value differentiator consists of 3 factors specifically – truth, relevancy, and your ability to prove your claims. Is what you’re claiming true, is it relevant to the prospect, and can you prove it? The best differentiators address the needs and concerns of the prospects.

Balance traditional marketing and digital marketing

Balance within your marketing strategy is important in order to be successful. Often, the most successful companies have balanced marketing strategies. You need to ensure that your marketing is tailored to your audience. Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing and also more powerful, which makes it special. Track your results to see what works and what does not. Research and create your marketing strategy with the help of continuous research.

Make your expertise visible

Expertise as a concept is not tangible and can, therefore, be hard to measure and market. Your company and its expertise need to be visible in the digital landscape. Produce quality content that substantiates your expertise, professionalism, and skills. Based on your marketing and distribution of said content, your exposure, expertise and organic growth will naturally and gradually increase.