Digital Content – Are You Doing it Right?

In the age of digital marketing, trends are changing constantly. How to successfully distribute your digital content is certainly not obvious. 

Here are the 6 top things to be aware of, when it comes to distributing your digital content.

1. Keep things simple and consistent

Keeping your content manageable for users is of the utmost importance. The theory of relativity does not need to be hidden in every piece of content that you produce. Keep the content manageable and be very clear about which areas your content revolves around. Short tips, advice on a specific topic, or lists about pros and cons, are all examples of good and simple content. Furthermore, keep your content consistent. This is not to say that you should spam people with multiple pieces of content each day. Yet, keep in mind that a consistent flow of content could lead to your brand/product appearing frequently in the feed of the people, you ultimately want to reach.

2. Learn or Laugh

When you produce content, have in mind that it needs to generate value for your audience. Content that generates value is generally found in two versions: entertainment or education. Either your content must inform the user about areas previously unknown, or it must quite simply be entertaining. These are two sure-fire ways of securing that your content provides value.

3. Focus on needs

Your audience should always be your main priority. Structure your content around their needs and pains, and the things you hear them talk or ask questions about. Your content does not need to revolve around your customers, but it must appeal to them.

4. Introduce product and/or services

Test products and services consistently, what works and what does not. Introduce new additions to your product and inform your customers. Let them know how to take advantage of your product to the fullest. Furthermore, let them know about new features and additions. Let the customers know how these new additions ultimately could end up creating value for them.

5. Focus on the audience, not the funnel

Your audience and customer base (both present and future) must always be your main focus. Don’t always focus on leads and the sales funnel exclusively. Focus on how you can provide value beyond the product and services that you offer. By doing so, you provide trust and loyalty to not only existing but also prospective customers. Hereafter monetization will naturally follow.

6. Content needs to drive the conversation

If your content is not driving conversation, then it’s not doing its job. One of the key errors, when it comes to digital content, is creating content that is static. If it does not provide value and doesn’t drive people to act, then it is likely not helpful to your business. Your content must drive engagement. Gain people’s interest, and make them act accordingly, either with the use of your product or without. Your content must spark conversation and gain engagement, otherwise, you are not using its full potential. 

Ask yourself this:

“What problems can my content solve?”