Generating Value: Creating Content that Matter

Generating value is of the utmost importance when dealing with digital marketing.

But the meaning of value, and how to generate it, vary substantially from company to company. Different companies have different mindsets, and from there, also different objectives. 

Yet, one objective should be common to all companies. The objective of creating value for its customers through the creation and distribution of content. 

Let’s look at generating value from the perspective of content.

Valuable content comes in two forms – entertainment and education.

Entertainment – Generating value in the sense that it maintains the user’s interest by sheer entertainment value.

Education – Generating value in the sense that it displays problems and solutions for the user, thereby educating them on areas previously unknown.

According to entrepreneurial pioneer Gay Vee, 95% of people produce content that is in their own self-interest. 

When you’re producing content in your own self-interest, you’re not generating value for others.

If you do, it’s most likely by chance. Your company isn’t generating value unless it produces content that is either entertaining or educational – for other people – ideally your target niché.

When measuring value, one must remember that value is measured from the perspective of the end-user.

Targeting your audience is of the utmost importance. What is considered great content is solely based on the audience it reaches and their perception of the content piece in question. It is solely based on how your content is dealt with and engaged with.

Dealing with Digital Content

There are two ways of dealing with content – you either produce it or engage with it. Or this should be your perspective upon content. Yet, there is also a third option which includes the vast majority of people – inaction. They neither produce nor engage with other people’s content. In the context of generating value, they are literally spectators. 

Inaction is devastating. Ultimately it does not generate value and therefore leaves your company stagnant. Produce content, educate and/or entertain, and generate value. 

Get up and engage! 🚀