Who is Consuming Your Content on LinkedIn? The New Audience Insights in SHIELD will show!

Quickly understand who’s consuming your content and start adapting in real-time to reach the right decision makers in your industry

You’re getting seen, but who’s watching?

Posting content regularly and increasing metrics such as views and engagement over time will provide a sense of progress.

However, before you know who is actually consuming and engaging with your content, increasing a metric such as views will simply not help you progress towards your goals.

It’s critical that you are earning attention from the right people to your mission. That could be your ideal customer profiles, influencers or talent you wish to attract.

With the new Audience Demographic Insights in SHIELD Analytics, you will now be able to navigate and explore who’s consuming your content.

This release is an expansion and improvement of LinkedIn’s audience feature.

At SHIELD we want to make your data easy to digest and we felt the status quo at LinkedIn was missing a proper visual representation of who’s watching your content.

See below a comparison on how this data is communicated to you on LinkedIn versus how we communicate it in SHIELD Analytics.

We wanted to capture the at-a-glance principle by providing you the insights you need right when you need. Namely when browsing through your content in the Content Overview part of the SHIELD dashboard.

For the comparison, we first have LinkedIn’s audience insights followed by the first version of SHIELD’s Audience Demographic Insights feature with pie chart visualizations across Company, Occupation and Region.

All screenshots are showing insights from the same post.

1. LinkedIn audience insights

LinkedIn audience insights
LinkedIn audience insights in text and numbers

2. SHIELD Analytics Audience Demographic Insights

Audience Demographic Insights
Zoomed-in view of SHIELD’s Audience Demographic Insights

How To Get Your Audience Demographic Insights

You can get started with your very own Audience Demographic Insights across your LinkedIn content today.

The Audience Demographic Insights are available to all PLUS and PRO plan subscribers.

Do you want immediate access to your Audience Demographic Insights? Just get in touch with our support team (support@shieldapp.ai) who will get it done! 💪

Already a PLUS or PRO customer?

The Audience Demographic Insights has already been deployed and is readily available on the platform for PLUS and PRO customers.

Naturally, this works across individuals you have connected to SHIELD Analytics on your

Follow the instructions below to get going 👇

1. Navigate to the Content Overview

Click the Content Overview

2. Identify the modules and mouse-over the the pin icon

Audience Demographic Insights shown next to each post

3. Get your Audience Demographic Overview on each post by yourself or others, granted you have observer rights on the content of others.

Audience Demographic Insights
Audience Demographic Insights live in SHIELD Analytics in the Content Overview section

Watch Your Audience Demographic Insights to Reach the Right Audience

Make sure you are continuously keeping an eye on who’s watching your content.

If you are not satisfied with who’s watching and engaging, try mixing up your hashtags, content type (ie. text, image, video) or try tagging relevant people as these may bring more similarly relevant people closer to you.

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If you have any questions make sure to reach our support right here.