Get Started with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for professionals worldwide1. With its over 660+ million users globally, LinkedIn is the most efficient way for you or your company to strengthen your professional profile. Yet only 48% of those users are active, under 10 percent of users post and engage in content, and only 1 million users have ever published an article on LinkedIn2.

How can that be? We have the platform available, yet we hesitate to put ourselves out there and engage with other users. Especially in a rapidly changing professional world, your presence on LinkedIn has never been more important than now. LinkedIn keeps growing, and so does the opportunities for you to expand your clientele, add new employees, find your dream-job or establish that perfect connection, that is going to take your business to the next level.

How LinkedIn differs from other Social Media Platforms

Three things specifically set LinkedIn apart from other social media channels, and therefore emphasize the benefits of posting content.

1. LinkedIn as the right environment:

As a high-quality and brand-safe environment, LinkedIn provides the optimal space for a community of professionals. Users trust the information shared on LinkedIn because the content is shared by other legitimate professionals. This is supported by the fact that, for the second year running, LinkedIn was voted the most trusted social platform by Business Insider.

2. LinkedIn as the right audience:

LinkedIn is with over 645 million users the world’s largest professional community. These people are the business leaders, decision-makers, influencers, and potential employees that matter to you. Reach is of great importance regarding people who come to LinkedIn in a professional mindset looking to exchange ideas and brand their companies and themselves.

3. LinkedIn as the right engagement:

Your time is wisely spent on LinkedIn because it leads to organic engagement. Professional conversations and content thrive in the LinkedIn feed and are driven by member engagement and quality content from brands, publishers and users. On LinkedIn, you can drive awareness, encourage visibility and consideration, and even help your company communicate ideas and prospects to customers.

LinkedIn – The most Powerful Platform for Brands and Entrepreneurs

Social media engagement has been the pioneering phenomenon of the past decade. People you want to reach, already spend their time on several social media platforms. Yet, it is not merely a matter of engaging users. The timeless cliché regarding the importance of the time and a place, applies here as well, as you must take the mindsets of users into consideration.

That’s why LinkedIn is the go-to platform when posting professional content. It is the platform where other professionals are ready to engage with your business and build relations.

LinkedIn is the tool that can help your business stand out and generate tangible results. By engaging on LinkedIn, you create real relationships with people from all over the world, thus expanding your professional opportunities.

Getting a Head Start

Yet, many don’t realize the wide variety of possibilities that LinkedIn provides. LinkedIn provides endless potential customers, employees, jobs and business opportunities. But one thing is to be present, another is to be visible. Your LinkedIn profile alone is only going to act as a digital resume. So, unless the ideal connection is already in your network, you need to make yourself more visible to potential employers and clients.

This is where the importance of engagement comes to mind. By engaging in the content of others and creating content of your own, you enhance your possibilities of traction, hits, views that will ultimately help yourself or your company. The tips and tricks to this are endless and come in all shapes and sizes. The most efficient way is, therefore, to map out your engagement and analyze what works in your favor. This is where the SHIELD app extends a helping hand.

SHIELD – The most efficient tool for succeeding on LinkedIn

The SHIELD app is a tool developed exclusively to optimize your LinkedIn experience. Analyzing content and profile stats, and data and engagement, SHIELD gives you a detailed overview of your actions and interactions with others on LinkedIn. SHIELD helps you avoid time wasted on engagement, which is not providing the results and leads that you desire. Analyze your stats, review which type of businesses and people engage with your posts, watch user demographics and several other types of data, that are going to take your experience on LinkedIn to the next level.


SHIELD is the chosen stats and analytics tool used by global brands and influencers to document and strengthen their presence on LinkedIn.

Understand what works and what doesn’t in a matter of minutes. Focus on creating content, engaging with people and building your brand while SHIELD works in the background collecting data to provide key growth insights.