List of Subprocessors

Digital Ocean New York, USA Digital Ocean is the server utilized by SHIELD to store and host the platform. 2018-08-15
Postmark Philadelphia, USA PostMark is an e-mail automation tool that we use to communicate with our users for registration and onboarding purposes. 2019-02-01
Google California, USA Google is a brand of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools that we use for our business. 2018-08-15
Trello New York, USA Trello is a project management software that we use to organize, track, and manage our work. 2019-02-01
Slack California, USA Slack is a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services that we use amongst our staff. 2018-08-15
Contractbook Copenhagen, Denmark ContractBook is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that we use to handle all legal documents and contracts in relation to SHIELD, our users and partners. 2018-08-15
Stripe California, USA Stripe is a payment gateway that we collaborate with in order to administer payments of our paying users. 2018-08-15
Billys Denmark Billys is an accounting system that we utilize to administer our own economy. 2019-02-01
ChartMogul Germany ChartMogul Ltd. develops an analytics platform that allows users to get an overview of their subscription businesses. 2019-04-04
Pipedrive EU Pipedrive is a sales CRM. 2019-10-17
ActiveCampaign USA E-mail and marketing automation / CRM. 2019-10-17
Intercom USA Customer Communication Platform 2019-10-22
Rewardful Canada Customer affiliate software. 2019-11-05
ProfitWell US ProfitWell is Subscription Analytics and Insights 2019-12-16

Last modified: Dec 16, 2019