Statistics and Analytics for organic LinkedIn activities

Real-time reporting on your most important metrics across individuals and teams. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

Connect your data. We’ll take care of the rest.

SHIELD connects to your LinkedIn account and process your data in real-time so you can track and analyze your data in one central location.

Just connect your account and in seconds you’ll be able to see weekly and monthly reports, how your network and profile develops and how much attention you attract.

No spreadsheet expertise or programming languages required.

Weekly, Monthly & Custom Reports

Get a top level view of group performance in the current week, month or custom date interval. See total views, comments, likes and shares.


Quick Content & Activity Overview

The content activity list shows all posts in one central place. Browse through the list chronologically or choose various sorting and filtering mechanisms on each column.

Sort, Filters & Various Metrics

Set a custom date interval in the timestamp column and sort by metric, i.e. views. View all posts sorted by highest to lowest in the chosen date interval.

The content activity list shows the average stats of the 10 most recent posts. The averages serve as a real-time glimpse of reality and a benchmark to improve upon.


Create Custom Labels

Apply custom labels to posts to understand the impact and performance of different topics or campaigns.

Quickly get a deeper understanding of how your content is performing. 

View Profile Statistics

Includes individiual profile pages for a complete statistical overview.

Possible for you and your team to view each other's profile without sharing account credentials.


Teams & Workspaces

Browse the personal profile pages of all team members for a complete overview.

Aggregate data across the different LinkedIn accounts and see who is performing best.

Complete Feature List

✔️ Profile Views
Learn how many people view your profile and when. Coming soon: Geo- and demographic segmentation of your audience.

✔️ Network Development
Weekly network development. Keep track of your network expansion and consistently evolve.

✔️ Content Stats
Individual post statistics with custom date intervals. Learn when you did good and when you did great and what to do more of.

✔️ Labeling metrics
Apply custom labels to posts for detailed content segmentation, learn what you post, what your audience view, engage with and share.

✔️ Activity Heatmap
Understand post frequency to improve consistency.

✔️ Recent content list
Your most recent posts in one place.

✔️ Team Overview
Onboarding and verification status of team members, including team roles.

✔️ Presentation Mode
Go full-screen, slightly zoomed in with Presentation Mode for group discussions or presentations in general.

✔️ Settings
Manage your account, subscription and billing.

Finally, a complete view of your organic LinkedIn activites

Get a comprehensive view of how you and your team is performing on LinkedIn. Understand what works and what doesn’t, to improve consistently and efficiently over time. SHIELD centralizes your data so you can clearly see what’s happening. Deep dive into analytics to improve your earned media initiatives all in one place.

Rolled out across global brands

"SHIELD take the guesswork out of consistent, earned media brand building for BCG at scale."

Christian Daugaard, Nordic Social Media Lead, BCG

Trusted by influencers and thought leaders

SHIELD is the chosen stats and analytics tool used by influencers to document and strengthen their presence on LinkedIn.

Understand what works and what doesn’t in a matter of minutes. Focus on creating content, engaging with people and build your brand while SHIELD works in the background collecting data to provide key growth insights.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

SHIELD automatically collect, visualize and store content, profile and network statistics - historically, over time, and in real-time. Just connect your data and SHIELD will process and visualize your most important metrics. Save hours and unlock insights into your business.


Understand what is happening at a glance. Using SHIELD is simple. From any device, anywhere (Chrome needed for registration).

User Friendly

Your stats and analytics are presented in an easy-to-understand and action oriented format. Begin improving today.


Your most recent numbers and insights will always be available at your fingertips with real-time stats and analytics.

Help your business achieve organic growth