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Learn what works and what doesn't with real-time insights across content, profiles and network on LinkedIn to get a holistic overview of individual and team efforts.

Personal Profile(s) 👱

Your LinkedIn profile in numbers.

Profile Views, Network, Content Stats, Content Labels and Recent Posts.

All in one place.

💡 Pro-tip: Use these insights to make sure you are consistently expanding your network and increase your profile views week over week.

Full Content Overview 🗂️

All your content available at your fingertips.

Sort and filter across Date, Content Type, Views, Comments, Reactions, Shares, Engagement Rate or Content Labels.

💡 Pro-tip: Find your top performing posts by sorting based on your key metric. Choose a custom date interval for a more specific focus.


Audience Demographic Insights 🕵️‍♂️

Understand who is watching your content based on Company, Occupation and Region.

Works across profiles in the PRO plan.

💡 Pro-tip: Fine tune your content based on who's watching and engaging.

Audience Demographic Insights

Custom Content Labels 🏷️

Apply labels to your content to quickly compare what type, style or category performs the best.

💡 Pro-tip: Use labels like hashtags. Your labels are private and can only be seen by people in your workspace.


SHIELD with multiple LinkedIn accounts 🤝

SHIELD works amazing across teams to get a full overview of individual as well as team performance.

💡 Pro-tip: Compare individual performance by opening more tabs with each profile and switch between them.


Aggregated Reports 📊

See how a team performs with total numbers across all metrics.

Reports are available Weekly, Monthly or by choosing custom date intervals.

💡 Pro-tip: Compare weeks or months seamlessly by switching back and forth to ensure you are always progressing.

Rolled out across global brands

"SHIELD take the guesswork out of consistent, earned media brand building for BCG at scale."

Christian Daugaard, Nordic Social Media Lead, Boston Consulting Group

What people say about us 🤩

"SHIELD is a daily routine for me. It allows me to not only tweak my content but use the metrics to understand my ROI.

If you use Linkedin to generate leads and channel partners, you need to know your metrics. This is the tool that gives you data unavailable on any other app. I can't live without it."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

Mary HendersonPersonal Branding & Social Selling Specialist

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