Join the SHIELD Affiliate Program (beta)

Introduce people to SHIELD and be rewarded.

We are proud and humbled to present the first beta version of the SHIELD Affiliate Program.

Since we launched the first version of our solo plan back in April 2019, we have experienced demand from the market regarding an affiliate program.

Becoming an approved SHIELD affiliate partner will pay you 30% ongoing commission on all new customer signups.

Once you sign up, you will get a custom affiliate link that you can share to start earning affiliate commissions. Through the dashboard after signing up, you will see live stats of visitors, leads (signups) and payments that you are owed.

By signing up using the link below you agree to our general terms and privacy policy, as well as the terms below regarding promotion and responsibility as well as termination.

We look forward to being on this journey with you and welcome you on board!

Thank you,
The SHIELD team

Promotion and Responsibility
Affiliate partners are encouraged to promote and related products and services in their own way as long as they do not misrepresent, discredit or otherwise defame the brand (logo, name, etc.), SHIELD employees, customers, related products or services. It is the sole responsibility of the affiliate partner to inform any referrals of his or her affiliation with SHIELD.

We reserve the right to reject and/or terminate any affiliate partner(s) agreements, or the affiliate program as a whole, without any liability and/or explanation should we not see a fit or for other reasons not want a given individual to be part of our affiliate program; or not want the affiliate program to be in effect. Any commissions that may be owed to the individual in question upon termination of said individual and/or the affiliate program, will still be paid out in full upon termination.