Marketing in 2020: Laugh or Learn

These concepts may seem odd in a marketing context, yet, they represent the emerging tendencies in the world of marketing.  The future of marketing no longer lies in the hard sell. Push marketing tactics that represent more old school marketing tactics are, slowly but surely, decaying.

Push marketing tactics that interrupt the user with an advertising message, is getting increasingly inconvenient. It hinders the user from continuously viewing his or her desired content, creating an unwanted distraction. How many of us haven’t sat through a YouTube video and gotten interrupted by a mid-roll ad spot?

While this may create brand awareness, it also creates brand annoyance.

What do we mean by Brand Annoyance?

Rather than taking an interest in a brand through a traditional push advertisement, we tend to get annoyed at the ad. The annoyance stems from the ad pushing a certain product, while we are in the midst of watching the content around another subject entirely. It is a very common reaction. If something takes away our attention from something we want or desire, it ultimately causes a negative reaction. Our exposure is no longer limited to flow-tv and traditional corporate advertising. We want to be in control of what we consume, it is that simple.

Don’t sell – Educate or Entertain

The future of marketing no longer lies in the hard sell. The future of marketing rather lies in generating value for people through content. Help them, through educating and/or entertaining content, hereby drawing their attention. Generating value for potential customers does not lie in the hard sell – the hard sell only generates value for you. Don’t think about generating value for yourself, but rather how generating value for customers should be your main objective. By generating value for them, you are able to reach prospects organically. You draw them in because your content/product helps them with their problems, not the other way around.

Value content comes in two forms: education or entertainment.

–        Content that is educating displays problems and solutions for the user.

–        Content that is entertaining keeps the prospects interest by sheer entertainment value.

Once these prospects gravitate closer to you, your solution will be the natural choice because your relationship is not based on selling. It is rather built on trust and authenticity, and the objective of solving the prospect’s problems. When the relationship is organic and providing value, the prospects will be much more inclined to see your products as the solution to their problems.

Inbound Marketing

Push marketing tactics are on their way out and pull marketing tactics are the future. But how do you make the most out of producing content that generates value?

Enforce the visibility of your brand across all channels. Produce and distribute quality content that educates or entertains your niche. Target your audience and produce content that approaches them specifically. They might not use your services right away, but they will instantly think of you when they find themselves in need. It might not even be them specifically, but rather a business connection, friend, or family member. 

It’s all about priming and enforcing visibility 🚀

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