The Road to LinkedIn Success is through Engagement

It’s no secret, that LinkedIn is the leading social platform for professionals worldwide. But with all these user profiles, company profiles, digital traffic, and ads, one question continuously remains – why aren’t more companies and users posting content on LinkedIn? 

The answers to this question might be several, such as, that we for instance as users are used to an enormous selection of digital media and a steady flow of information. It may seem like any additional engagement by companies and businesses would be a cluttering of the already deeply entangled selection of digital content. But the reasoning behind this logic is simply unjustified.

The Importance of Engagement

LinkedIn is the leading platform for professionals and companies worldwide. LinkedIn also provides an ever-growing amount of potential new business contacts, employers, employees, and clients. One thing is to be present on LinkedIn, another is actually engaging with, and posting content that will ultimately enhance your exposure and build potential connections and leads. 

A common misconception about LinkedIn is that creating content on yet another social media platform will make your company look unprofessional and reduce its credibility as a viable business partner. 

But the reality is vastly different. Engagement on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, drives exposure upwards hereby creating traffic that could potentially end up in leads and from there, create new customers. The traffic or exposure that ends up in actual sales is, currently, not directly measurable. But one thing is for sure, no engagement → no leads.

LinkedIn: the most Prominent and Professional Platform for your Content

Of the 8 most prominent social media sites/applications (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+), LinkedIn scored the highest on topicality1. Topicality refers to the percentage of content and ads that users find relevant and useful in order to stay up to date. When users scout platforms for professional content, they are looking for the one with the most credibility and relevance. That is exactly what LinkedIn provides. 

There are no excuses left. LinkedIn is the number 1 platform for professional content that is useful and helpful to its users.

Get up and engage!