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LinkedIn provides the biggest professional social media platform in the world. It provides a unique space where businesses, recruiters, marketers and more, can market not only themselves but also their brand or company.

With over 660+ million users, it comes as a surprise to many, that only 3 million LinkedIn users share content on a monthly basis. Upsides of sharing and creating content of your own, include: expanding exposure to yourself, engaging with other users hereby creating potential business relations and leads, and providing a visual profile for your professional skill set. 

For users such as consultants, coaches, agencies already use and post content on LinkedIn with a high frequency, understanding the data LinkedIn provides you with, is of the utmost importance.

But how do you engage on LinkedIn efficiently?

How do you properly map out and understand LinkedIn analytically?

How do you save time, not only for yourself but also for your clients?

Why should you consider LinkedIn analytics?

The answer to that question is actually fairly simple. LinkedIn analytics is the best and most efficient way of mapping out experience on LinkedIn. 

What type of content resonates the best with other users?

What type of content has the greatest outreach?

Which type of user demographics do you ultimately want to reach?

But there is so much more to LinkedIn analytics. LinkedIn analytics also provides a categorical showing of your data, such as posts, likes, comments, shares, hashtags, and more. Or at least it should.

SHIELD – The All-in-One Analytics platform for LinkedIn

That is why SHIELD should be your analytics tool of choice. The SHIELD platform includes all the aforementioned features and so much more. It is the most efficient tool to map out your LinkedIn data, both in terms of sheer numbers, but also in terms of the more complex questions such as content outreach, content tags, user demographics, and much more.

SHIELD is the number 1 all-in-one LinkedIn analytics platform. We help our customers understand their impact and performance on LinkedIn. To improve and organically source more qualified leads than ever 🚀

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